Alice Batista

Web Developer & Designer at Ungerboeck Software

Digital Marketing and Computer Science professional with experience in graphic design, web development, software engineering and web analytics. Strengths include creative problem solving, strong execution skills, and quick-learning. Strong work ethic and character. Excellent references.

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Work Experience

Web Developer - Ungerboeck

November 2017 - Present

Web Developer - Freelance

August 2015 - 2017

Design Editor - Pilot Magazine

August 2013 - May 2015

Responsible for developing and maintaining college's publication's layout and design; Coordinating design meetings; Creating Ads; recruiting; and training.

Web Analytics Intern - The Christian Science Publishing Society

May 2014 - August 2014

This internship allowed me to gain a real life view of how statistics, mathematics, and economics all drive business decisions. During the course of it, I learned to used data to track and communicate key metrics and insights of the organization. Additionally, I provided support to the Technology Services Group and assisted in various department projects.


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  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Magazine
  • Business


Tibet Abroad - Principia College

June 2013

Spent four weeks in China conducting research about Cultural Loss in Tibet for 21 days accompanied by fellow Principia College researchers and Chinese/Tibetan translators.

The Web!


Continuous learning is crucial. To stay up-to-date to the newest trends and techniques, I'm always reading and learning on the web. Thanks goodness for the abundant lessons found in online tutorials and courses!